Poshmark Surveys, and a Sweepstake!



Some of you may know of the app Poshmark, some of you may not.

It is a shopping app that makes it super simple to buy and sell used and new clothing and accessories, for women, men, and children, from other fashion-loving users.
It is definitely my favorite way to shop, because of the wonderful community, ease of finding what i need, and great deals that can often be found. I’ve also enjoyed selling on it.

If you have not signed up, you can use this beautiful link right here: https://bnc.lt/focc/SfQeJCsxyy
(Plus, you’ll receive a $5 credit to use anywhere on the app)





I’ve been wanting to get a better idea of what my customers thoughts are about their orders, and better gauge how i can improve as a seller, so i just created two surveys:

  1. https://goo.gl/forms/JiVce33169uypYDI2 Short survey for guests to have the option to complete after they receive their package, that asks more specifically than Poshmark does about their levels up happiness with what they got. It will be put in with their order, printed as a QR code.
  2. https://goo.gl/forms/BxBNZqrRvn55JvbJ2 a much longer survey, about overall customer satisfaction on PM, for anybody (including you, even if you are new to Poshmark) to complete if they wish. I hope to share the data i collect and see it help those of us who want to give the very best customer service possible. I am very excited for when i start to see responses!
    Filling out this one (as long as you reside in the United States) makes you eligible to be randomly selected to win your choice of any one of my listings on Poshmark. Free of cost. Free of shipping. That is my “Thank you!!!”.

If you would like to increase your chances of winning, simply share my Poshmark closet or an item of mine to one or all of the following social media networks, and tag/notify me accordingly. One extra entry per day for each social network you post to.

Poshmark – https://poshmark.com/closet/ali101love – @ali101love
Pinterest – @StoryBehindC or @ali101love
Facebook – @StoryBehindTheCloth
Twitter – @StoryBehindC
Instagram – storybehindthecloth
Tumblr – storybehindthecloth


Winner will be chosen and notified in December 2017.


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