Spectrum of Truth

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I am planning on focusing on colors, color theory, and color psychology for the next several posts.

Colors are, understatedly, such a beautiful and emotion-filled thing, and i believe that understanding and getting a feel for our own personal thoughts about them, as well as other perspectives, will be core to our journey in analyzing the stories told through fashion.

The following writing is a short essay i wrote in a college class that illustrates the complexities of truth using color as an analogy. I thought maybe it could be some interesting food for thought and discussion before we delve into this series on color.


How dull it is to see reality only as black or white; and how faint it is if it’s merely seen in multiple shades of grey. Truth cannot be fairly represented in either. There is rarely a stark, contrasting clarity of right versus wrong, as is seen in black versus white. But the ambiguity of grey, and attitude of “anything goes”, is lacking as well.

   Life consists of a vivid variegation of color. A rainbow.  


Click here to see the rest of the post at Storybehindthecloth.com

What do you think? Can truth be thought of as a rainbow of various ideas? 

My hope is that as we explore our own ideas about fashion and color, we will see and value the beautiful subjective truth in each other’s opinions. While also maybe finding deeper, universally shared truths that we can apply to how we wear what we wear.

4 thoughts on “Spectrum of Truth

  1. This post is beyond amazing ! Honestly, I love how you have brought out the concept of truth using colors. You hit the nail on the head. I loved this. Bravo !!


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