Changes Coming Soon!

Casual update time!

Over the past couple weeks, i’ve been focusing on learning what i can do to improve my blog. Beyond being wonderfully necessary for if i want to continue to grow, it’s also been giving me something else to do while i wait for more results on the color psychology questionnaire and finish up researching the topic to a point that i feel i can give you a post that is as valuable, factual and interesting to you as possible.

Anyhow, i’ve decided that i will be moving from this domain to one of my own! I’m excited since this will allow me so much more control over what i do with this blog…so much more creative flexibility…better data analysis…Better learning, and therefore better growth. It would also give me the chance to monetize in the future (which is something that can’t be done on a free account). And if that were to go well i would have more freedom to write more often, travel around the world, and explore the many stories that people tell through fashion, and get to tell you all about it. That is my dream!

I’m just getting set up, but you’ll find me over at, and i would love it if you would check it out and subscribe so we don’t lose contact! 🙂 The beginnings of friendships through getting to meet all of you here on the WordPress Reader, and getting to explore your blogs too, has been wonderful. I still want to continue to get to know each of you, and i’ll definitely continue looking for updates on your blogs!

I plan on posting the results to the questionnaire here first, before eventually moving everything over to the new site. So you’ll get to read it easily when it comes out, whether you subscribe to my new site or not.

Thank you all for the support you’ve been to this point! I hope you have felt supported and encouraged by me as well. 🙂
Please let me know if i can be of any support to you in the here and now, as you build up the way for your own dreams too.


xxoo, Alissa

15 thoughts on “Changes Coming Soon!

  1. Been on a little hiatus from blogging and only saw this now! Congrats on taking such an amazing step with your blog, I am so excited for your blogging future! Keep up the amazing work and again – congrats lovely ❤ x

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  2. You’re right, it does feel weird to talk about it. I hope that it helps you heal and accept your body’s limitations. It’s difficult when you can no longer did what you have always done. I am loathe to hear you’re experiencing difficulty with that. Always remember, find doctors that will advocate for you and work with you and your self-care does not make you less than. My email is! I am always happy to offer support and share information.

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  3. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry for your experience. I imagine that is frightening knowing your bed was contaminated. Your symptoms sound similar to a secondary disorder I have, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. The constant exhaustion, aching body and joints, and word recall difficulty are things I also struggle with. I began taking a supplement called Powergize. It has Ashwaghanda root in it. It helps with fatigue without increasing your heart rate. I also take Mindwise and fish oil. Together with many other daily efforts, these do seem to help the fatigue and brainfog. Even if for a little bit. I would love to hear anything that works for you! I am always sifting through what works for others to find what works for me!

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    1. I’ll look into those! Sounds wonderful to have something that will give back even a moment of normal energy. I’ve mostly just been sleeping it off (or trying to power through, as i was often doing, regardless of how incapable i’m feeling). It will be easier to know what to do once i know what’s going on.

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    1. Thank you so much for the support! Things are going very slowly at the time…I’ve been sick with i-don’t-know-what and lacking sufficient energy for over a month. So i’m still in the process of getting things started on the new domain, but i decided to put it on pause for a bit so i can try to take care of myself.

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        1. I was diagnosed with mono in the second half of last year and recovered before entering this year. I was told that you can’t get it more than once. The symptoms this time around are similar in the level of constant exhaustion, and recent cold like symptoms. Beyond that, i have a difficult time thinking straight, remembering events and new facts, and recalling common words, and i’m achy almost all the time. Plus a large amount of anxiety and depression. I can’t remember other symptoms right now.
          We think it’s toxic mold poisoning…we just left an environment that was contaminated. It’s confirmed that my bed was contaminated with mold spores, but we haven’t been able to undoubtedly confirm whether that’s what’s causing my sickness. I’m going to visit a doctor soon, but i’ve heard that toxic mold infections aren’t taken seriously, so i’m nervous.
          I’ve been so hard on myself through it, and no matter what this is, i definitely need to stop that. I’ve been expecting the same level (or more) of accomplishment from myself, despite being at a way lower level of capability.


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