Color Psychology Questionnaire Results

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It was so enjoyable reading all of your answers on the color psychology questionnaire! Some were surprising (Could orange be peaceful?; Could yellow be boring?), and others were pretty by-the-book, universally relatable (Red is passionate; Blue ranks as the top liked color; Gray is reminiscent of cloudy skies and seasonal depression).
I might use the data collected from this in future blog posts because, though there was not a huge sample of opinions (28 of you participated), there is still a lot that can be analyzed from it that can’t all be covered in this one post. I’d also love to do this again someday on a smaller scale (One color at a time…Sorry if 12 was too much all at once!) and with more participants.

I’m excited to share with you the results, as well as further color psychology research to complement our study (just a little)! Sorry that it took so much time–the last few months have been full of busy packing, unpacking and settling into my family’s new home, figuring out remotely working at home with my dad (and quitting not much later due to heavy anxiety), dealing with lots of sickness, exhaustion and depression, planning the future of this blog, and getting my Poshmark closet relaunched in effort to start making money again. It’s been nothing short of crazy. We’re still getting to know our new town and getting a feel for our new lives.

This is going to be a long post, so i recommend navigating first to your favorite and then your least favorite colors. Then you can continue to enjoy reading the results or bookmark to read later on.



Before We Begin:
Information About Questionnaire
Categorizing Associations
Color Questionnaire Results:
Warm Colors
Cool Colors
Neutral Colors
All References

References and Additional Reading:

All quotes from “Participants” or “Respondents” (interchangeable meaning), as well as answers shown in charts, come from the thoughts and opinions submitted by readers to my Color Psychology Questionnaires.

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4 thoughts on “Color Psychology Questionnaire Results

    1. Thank you Maria!
      And totally. I think color can be such an interesting topic, because at first glance we tend to just appreciate the beauty, though it can be so deep in how it affects us.

      You write mostly about interior design, right? I think there’s so much that can be learned from design in general, and learning from another form of it can be creatively eye-opening. So, i’m looking forward to checking out more of your blog!


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