How to Analyze and Recreate a Character-Based Outfit

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Creating Outfits Based on Characters You Love

Whether it’s for Halloween, Disney-bounding on vacation, or just for the fun of putting together an outfit that’s inspired by a favorite movie, TV, video game, or book character–I think we all enjoy getting into somebody else’s shoes every once in a while.

This post will be looking not only at how to get the aesthetics right, but also at how to use character traits and storyline for inspiration, so we can get to the heart of the character we are portraying.

So, here are 8 aspects of costume and character design to consider before creating your character-based outfit:

1. Symbolic Pieces
2. Color Schemes
3. Textile and Patterns
4. Shapes, Forms, Silhouettes
5. Attitudes and Personalities
6. Comfort Zones and Ambitions
7. Genders and Ethnicities
8. Settings: Life stories, Locations, Eras

Click Here to take a closer look at these aspects of design and learn how to use them in the full post.

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